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Vilma Angela Simon Bond was born and raised on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She lived there until she migrated to the United States in 1989. Her attributes are Lover and follower of Christ, Faithful, Worshipper, Pioneer, Disciplinarian, Multi-Faceted and Fearless.


As a child, Vilma was always a strong believer in the power of Christ and attended Church on a regular basis. She was water baptized at age 12, and continued to develop love and passion for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; so much so that she began to use dance as a tool to demonstrate her love for Christ. Vilma started formal dance training at age 16, with The Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Company.


Over the years Vilma used her deep-rooted discipline to train others in the Ministry of dance. Vilma believes that a strong level of discipline, dedication, and commitment against all odds, can only bring about the results of excellence.


Vilma joined several uniformed organizations in order to promote her apt for discipline. Some of those organizations were, The Junior Red Cross Society, The Trinidad and Tobago St John Ambulance Association and Brigade Cadets, as a Kettle drummer in the drum core, and The Police Youth club where she exercised her leadership and discipline qualities. In 1979 Vilma was the first female to be unofficially accepted into the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force Band as a kettle drummer, and in 1983 she was fortunate to be one of the females in the first group of women to be trained as a female officer for the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force. She retired from the Force in 1989 at the rank of Warrant Officer.


Vilma's arduous commitment to achieving allowed her to Graduate in 2016, at age 54 from Prince Georges Community College, in Largo, Maryland with her AA in General Studies. Vilma also completed one Semester of Dance at University of Maryland in the Spring of 2017. Presently she is completing a  Dance Major AA. Program at Montgomery College Maryland. 


Pioneering is the mantle that over-shadows Vilma. In 2006 Vilma was instrumental in assisting to officially start a dance Ministry at New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fulton, Maryland. The dance ministry was birthed and officially launched in 2007. Vilma later wrote their Church first dance ministry manual, the first of its kind. She later received the copyright in 2009. 


Vilma believes that she has the discipline, tenacity, excellent character, passion and integrity to advance the kingdom of God by leading others into a lifestyle of worshipping God in excellence, through the dance. Daniel 6:3.

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  Vilma Bond  

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