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The Ministry of Purity In Movement is a Movement Ministry Teaching by the example of leading others into the presence of God through ordained and skilled movements, to edify and build up the church, by completing the whole praise and worship experience through movement. 


Purity In Movement was birthed out of our love and affection for Christ, and our desire to show forth His Praise strong in the earth.


Purity In Movement centers on Exodus 28:2. When God commanded Aaron to make the garments for the Priest. Purity In Movement at one time designed and made tailored garments for the worshipper, suitable for Glory and for Beauty.

Extra special care was given while she sat in consolidation with her seamstress of 15 years to design and construct holy garments. We believe that those who wear Purity In Movement garments will also be called to live a life of purity and holiness before God so that all men will know that we are the children of GOD.

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