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History of our logo

Purity In Movement Logo

In 2003 while in prayer, I heard the words Purity In Movement. 


I was stunned at hearing those words and was not quite sure what it meant, so I did not pursue it. Each year after that the words Purity In Movement would come back to my remembrance.  2005 I began to unfold the words piece by piece. The word Purity quickly rang a bell with me, to me it meant anything or any person that is clean in heart and in mind, clean in the natural and in the spiritual, then I realized oh! “That’s me purity”. As a young girl, I cleaned everything that could be cleaned, my mom often loved and appreciated my cleaning, and even now I still cannot stand anything that’s unclean or disorganized. 


At age 12, I openly accepted Christ and got water baptized in a pool adjacent to the Maracas Waterfall.

T&T Maracas Water Fall where I was baptized at age 12
Adjacent pool to Maracas Water fall in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Maracas Waterfall with an altitude of 91.5 meters or 300 feet is Trinidad's highest waterfall. Situated on Waterfall Road, in the Maracas St. Joseph Valley


After my baptism, I became even more obsessed with cleanliness. In Psalms 24:3, Jesus had a conversation with his disciples, He told them, “who may ascend to the mountain of the LORD? Who may stand in His holy place? only he that has clean hands and a pure heart, who had not given their souls to vanity, and lived deceitfully”. After reading that scripture, I knew right away I was well on my way to standing in His holy place.


The word In meant to me that I would be doing something, but at the time I was not sure what that something was. Then finally, the word Movement; and a light bulb went off in my brain, “dance” I said to myself, oh yes! Movement is a representation of dance, so to me, it looks like the phrase is saying Vilma in dance. Now it all made complete sense because of my first name Vilma, mean anything that’s clean or pure, hence the reason God calls me Purity In Movement. I am totally amazed at God and how He does what He does.


In 2006, I began to envision what Purity In Movement would really look like.   God then gave me a vision of a world globe, but I was on the inside of the globe worshiping God, and God was holding the world globe in His hand, “O’ my goodness! What a vision”. I then began to ask God about what to do with the name He gave me.  He told me to copy write it in order to protect it, and I went Wow God!  Then I began to look for a graphic artist who could bring the vision to life. That same year I met a Mr. Linley Grant at New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fulton Maryland, who owned his own company, Grant Graphics.


I then shared the vision with Mr. Linley, and somehow he knew right away how to create the logo to portray Purity In Movement. When he got to the hand of God holding the world globe, he became a bit discouraged. He called me and told me that he had searched the entire internet and could not find any hands that represented the hand of God. After conversing with him he came up with an amazing, God witty, invention idea. He asked me if he could take a picture of my husband’s hand, I quickly said sure. He later took a picture of Richard’s hand, and after editing, we now have the final work of the logo purity in movement being held up by the hands of God, represented by my husband’s hand Richard Gary Bond, hallelujah!


What an amazing God we have. The Logo was created in 2007, I received the copyright in 2010. 

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